Oh God How Did This Get Here I Am Not Good With Computer

Pointmeby.com is just another car enthusiast blog site.  Up until now I (Mike) have been posting auto related blog articles on my travel blog igobyplane.com and wanted to do some more technical car or part articles, which will now end up here.  Mixed in will be both more local and international car, kart, and other auto related experiences.

Point Me By

This site is named after the HPDE / Track Day rule (at least in the USA) that requires a driver to signal to a faster driver behind them who caught them as to which side of the car they would like to be passed on.  For most run groups and most organizations here, passing is only allowed under controlled conditions; it is done on straights and only after both the driver doing the passing and the driver being passed acknowledge a pass is about to occur.


Grayslake, IL
Mike is a computer nerd and travel aficionado who has been tracking and karting on and off since 2006. Can often be found running in Intermediate around Chicagoland tracks.

Current: 2013 BRZ, 2004 WRX

Past: 1997 M3, 1990 535i, 2005 STi, 2004 545i

Swaglord City
Tym’s entire diet consists of steak and bourbon barrel aged beers. He enjoys track days and belly rubs.

Current: BRZ

Past: Some fast civic you’ll have to ask him about.

Niles, IL
Artie is an amateur trackrat newly addicted to motorsport . He works as an engineer to support his drug of choice: car parts and beer. He can be recognized on the track by his Thai license plate – go find him and ask him what it means!

Current: 2014 BRZ, 2007 Impreza Outback Sport Special Edition

Past: 2001 Creepy Minivan, 2005 It-Won’t-Break Honda, Honda Ruckus, A Bustin Longboard, Some Bicycle

Chicago, IL
James is a swimming math geek and filthy FRS peasant, forever jealous of the #brzmasterrace that surrounds him but loves him anyway.

Current: 2014 FRS, e46 M3

Autobahn Full – Joliet, ILCarTimeData
ArtieBRZ2:50.495AiM Solo
MikeBRZ2:55.474AiM SoloDL
Autobahn South – Joliet, ILCarTimeData
ArtieBRZ1:39.822AiM Solo
MikeBRZ1:42.07AiM SoloDL
GingerMan – South Haven, MICarTimeData
ArtieBRZ1:46.961AiM Solo
PeterBRZ1:51.569AiM Solo DL

Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers.

Colin McRae

Work on the nut behind the wheel before you start fixing bolts on the car.

I was doing fine until about mid-corner when I ran out of talent.