Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emirateskartzone

Website: http://www.emirateskartzone.net

Location: map – at the Al Wasl Sports Club.

Getting there: I took an uber there, and was hoping to catch a standard taxi on the way back. It was taking a bit and I was about to go for an uber, but a guy leaving the sports facility gave me a ride to a red line metro. You can take metro out near it but you’ll need some form of transport to solve the last mile problem and the metro time/path you need to take may not be worth it.

Cost: Cash or credit, currently 100 AED for 1 15 minute race or 180 AED for 2 races.

Track: The track is pretty wide and had some things to figure out. I only did 2 races and by the 2nd figured out I was sacrificing a lot of time on one of the tighter slower turns and was able to recover a good chunk of it. I didn’t break 40s my first session but was in 38s by the second, although I felt my kart in that race may have been due for some new tires.

Karts: per the website these are 390cc RX7 Sodi karts. There is something on the website mentioned about a “Biz Kart” that may be faster? Although I was not offered it when I asked prices there, so not sure what the story is on that.

Timing: Yep!

Overall: Worth going to if you are in the area and have some friends; I didn’t race alone on either of my races, if you lone wolf it you may have some good luck as well. I didn’t try them but they also have some simulators at the track that might be cool.

Video: If you click the title on the embedded video, it will open up in youtube and you’ll be able to full screen it.

Evening video!