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Mike can usually be found placing in the top 3 of the HPDE intermediate WRB BRZ class for ages 37-37. He is a computer nerd and travel nerd and also runs igobyplane.com.

Car Data Acquisition Systems

There's a few ways available for how to get data for a car. This can then be used for things like how

Car Data Acquisition Systems2018-06-20T22:51:41+00:00

The Unofficial GridLife Etiquette Guide

#GRIDLIFE MIDWEST is upon us, at GingerMan this weekend. Let us learn from the failures of events past my children. Do: Make

The Unofficial GridLife Etiquette Guide2017-06-09T03:47:39+00:00

BRZ DirtFish Rally School Review

Dirtfish rally school has an awesome 2-day course I signed up for – it was during their end of the year holiday

BRZ DirtFish Rally School Review2017-03-23T09:36:51+00:00
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