#GRIDLIFE MIDWEST is upon us, at GingerMan this weekend. Let us learn from the failures of events past my children.


  • Make the driver’s meeting on time if you are driving, or be shamed eternally
  • For the love of God, pay attention to your surroundings as the cars are constantly moving all around you, particularly in the paddock
  • Take a look at the map of the grounds so you can understand where you should be parking and setting up shop
  • Classify yourself in the right run group based on your experience
  • Be polite and follow rules and staff

Do Not:

  • Try and charge a markup if you are reselling tickets because you can’t go
  • Do burnouts up in Swaglord City (north of the track where the wildlings amass)
  • Walk around the paddock without a clue in the world, blocking cars trying to get on track, or cars coming off with hot brakes trying to avoid using them
  • Casually drive through the paddock for funsies on the way to Swaglord City
  • Park in the areas designated for those driving on the track – even if your buddy is there, you dick
  • Drive recklessly or race on the street on the way to South Haven or in front of GingerMan, particularly if you are going to hard park at the Hampton Inn or in the car show – I’m talking to you Hyundai Genesis from last year. If you’re actually fast why are you not on a race track you just drove to?
  • Party in the drivers camping area – drivers are trying to sleep
  • Take people’s things – everyone works hard to attend these events and have fun