Another year, another dyno – I speculated something might have been off with my run in last year’s 86 FRS BRZ Dyno Day – which indeed was the case! My catalytic converter had become corrupted. I’m not sure what this is a result of; although my speculation is from P0351 and other various cylinder coil pack problems. My theory is that misfires caused some unspent fuel to make it out into the exhaust and do a number on the header cat. It was not looking so good.

I would continue to track on the P035X code so my speculation was this was when I was doing damage. Since then, this header cat has been smashed out. To try and fix some rattling, the PLM overpipe/front pipe (catted) I had was replaced with a JDL (also catted) combo. Unfortunately… I still have my rattle going on! Nonetheless, a new combo to dyno. Last year’s dyno was done on a Dynojet 224x and it was done in 4th gear. They are no longer in business however; but I was able to attend a dyno day at a local shop (P&L Motorsports) which owns an awd Dynojet 424x. They’ve also been dynoing our cars in 3rd gear. Is this dyno close enough to do an apples/apples comparison? My buddy Tym from the prior year visited their dyno a month earlier and got similar results to his run during our dyno day. Tym got a 180 the year prior and 181 on this day.

How was my own dyno? Aside from the part changes, I also had a more recent tune – although I suspect the brunt of the improvement was simply from freeing up the flow of my exhaust without the restricted cat. Last year vs. this year:

Unfortunately this dyno did not include torque nor an air/fuel reading; perhaps I’ll be able to pick both of these up at a future dyno day.

I’m not sure when Tym had it installed last year, but perhaps it should also be noted that Tym has an OS Giken differential as well. I’m also going to go out and say I’m skeptical of it being possible to break 200 whp on a safe naturally aspirated tune on a Dynojet dyno. It looks like a stock AP1 S2000 on a dynojet baselines around 195-200 whp for comparison.