• It looks uglier and than simply mounting it. It’s asymmetric and in an unexpected place and is visually jarring. If you don’t want to run it, just leave it at home.
  • It is, absolutely, 100% without a doubt, still illegal in whatever state you are in if your state requires front plates. You can most assuredly find in your state’s motor vehicle code two things that will make it so;
    1. Law about how affixed it needs to be to the car, often including height, direction of orientation, inability to swing, etc.
    2. Law about how it needs to be legible – this isn’t legible to someone standing next to your car, but visibly legible to a cop inside their car across the street, or readable by automatic sensors.
  • Did you hear that? It’s still illegal, so you may as well not “try” anyway with it on your dash, since no one actually cares, least of all your state.
  • Lastly, but most significantly, it’s a thin head level metal object inside your cabin. You have entirely no idea how it’s going to act in a crash no matter how you mounted it. Only a complete and utter moron would voluntarily put this inside the cabin with them. Would you want to be passenger or driver in either of these cars with a license plate on the dashboard???

In conclusion, it’s ugly, it’s 100% illegal, and it’s dangerous. Leave it in the garage or your trunk or just mount the damn thing.

Stop being a dumbass.