These things are great – I’ve been using them since 2004 now. Some people worry that they are going to get whacked or open but I’ve been driving over all sorts of berms and dead skunks for years and haven’t had a problem laying down any oil like spy hunter.

Gone are the days of opening your oil plug and making a big ass mess everywhere. just slide this baby open and aim your used up black gold. Makes it easy to catch a sample if you’re going to send some oil in to someone like blackstone labs for some oil analysis as well. Look at this glorious beast in action.


Do you like nipples? No? There’s an option for you. Cute little nipples? Big nipples? You’re covered my friend! You can check the Fumoto site for fitment for which models are available for your car; for my 86 bros however they are below in the Amazon affiliate links.

StandardS SeriesN SeriesSecurity Clip

I personally use the standard version and do not have a security clip. Having the nipple and a hose is not all that bad of an idea either as it would make it even easier to direct the flow.