As noted in my 86 oil cooler post, I’ve had my 0w20 oil up to 280 degrees F. I installed an oil cooler and not long after did a whole slew of track days on the same 10w30 oil running e85 as well. I was curious what the oil looked like in both cases and had an analysis done by Blackstone Labs.

The oil collection kit is what you see above. You capture the oil in the container – and a Fumoto oil valve can make this a little simpler – then screw the cap on. Put the oil in the bag and close it up. Wrap around thc cloth insulator and drop it in the larger black container. Fill out the relevant info on your information sheet, drop it in and seal up the outer container, then send your sample off to the guys for analysis.

This is a report on some fresh 0w20 that I put in the car then took to a track day and hit 279 F with. Looking pretty good.


Next is another report with some 10w30, run for many more miles and brought up to 250+ many times at 8+ track days, all on e85.


Lastly here’s my latest one. It is 10w30, 3500 miles on e85 with 10 track days. 45k total.


I’ve made the switch to Amsoil 5w30 so we’ll see how that goes for the next one.